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Do your tissues feel sticky and stuck in the way you move through life?

MoveArt Pilates Studio offers you a specialised creative space to practice and achieve positive fitness goals designed especially with you in mind. Start as you are and be guided to discover ways to connect with your individual functional balance, tensile strength, self awareness and beyond.  

Open up your tissues to feel more ease and create endless possibilities to nourish your life.

Experience a vast toolbox of inspiring creative fitness education and training methods.

Practice Pilates integrated with Slings Myofascial Training™, Somatic Movement EducationAnatomy Trains Structural Essentials Bodywork and more. All supported by experienced, certified teachers, along with the latest innovative scientific research to guide you to your ultimate health and well being.


Escape the fast-paced daily grind to the tranquility of our boutique studio space. MoveArt Pilates studio is located very close to Ellerslie Village. Be part of our fun, like-minded community either in the studio, at your place, or anywhere, anytime online.


age or ability no barrier 

online workouts
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starter pack


Starter Packs


Studio Sampler


1 x 55min private +
1 x group class + pair pilates sticky socks

Studio Starter


2 x 55min privates +
2 x group classes + 
pair pilates sticky socks

Studio Starter Privates 

3 x 45min privates +
pair pilates sticky socks

Conditions apply: One private session is required prior to joining and studio group class (except Nourish Me classes), every starter pack includes one pair of sticky socks. Valid to use within one month. See class options available.

Starter Packs

Pilates in focus

"We are changing the world one person at a time."

Founder of BASI Pilates

MoveArt Pilates Studio honours the Pilates method and the legacy handed down by Joseph Pilates. MoveArt builds onto this forward-thinking method with creative programmes designed for each individuals goals and needs.


Start as you are, age or ability no barrier. Whether you are training for a goal or sport, recovering from injury, preparing for surgery. Or just want to start a regular nourishing fitness regime. Pilates has an emphasis on core strength, functional movement, body alignment and mind-body connection.


Pilates consists of a vast array of repertoire for all levels. Practice on the mat and resistance based studio equipment such as the Reformer, Tower, Ladder Barrel, Wunda Chair, other equipment and small props.


Free your tissues



'Myo' = muscle tissue & ‘Fascia’ = the body-wide fibrous tissue web that elastically surrounds, penetrates and connects all body systems. Stress & immobility dehydrates it and makes it matted & dense (like concrete!).

Slings is a holistic movement concept that can be incorporated into all body-minded practices. Open up your tissues and find connection, create ease of function and inside-out wellbeing offering you endless possibilities to nourish your tissues and your life!

De-stress & mobilise with a rich blend of exercises that are linked through your fascia from one end of the body to the other giving you short-term and long-lasting benefits! 

Slings concepts are integrated within your group class or private or as a specialised class or workshop.


Teach your brain



"As we grow older, our bodies and our lives should continue to improve, right up until the very end."

Founder of Clinical Somatic Education

Learn somatic movement sequences based on the work of Thomas Hanna who discovered to free the mind you needed to free the body first.

Bringing your attention to the 3 reflexes of habitual patterning, sensing and connecting with the brain to release tension in the body. Simple but profound exercises to bring into a daily practice to free yourself from niggling aches & pains, fatigue, stiffness and immobility.

Somatic Movement Education is taught as stand alone sequences or integrated with other movement practices within group classes or private sessions.

Somatic Reset.jpeg

Release & unwind  



“The fascial system is the largest sensory system in our bodies.”

Private sessions using hands-on techniques on your soft tissues. With the intention to re-educate the body's structure.

Integrating Structural Essentials Anatomy Trains concepts and other bodywork methods to help make connections to link your fascia from one end of your body to the other.

Leading you towards restoring natural balance and fluid movement within your body & mind.

Liz Brookes Pilates Instructor


MoveArt Pilates Studio is the creation of movement activist Liz Brookes and her passion to design moves to help inspire others to enhance their individual goals and wellbeing.

Liz has many strings to her bow and moving has been part of her life from an early age starting with with Dance. She studied Yoga with Indian masters in the 90's, trained as a Somatic Yoga Teacher & Therapist and has experienced many other movement methods over the years. She is an internationally certified  BASI™ Pilates Comprehensive Instructor - a Pilates system anchored in scientific principles while celebrating the art of every movement.


Fascinated with the interconnected web like system of the body she dives into your tissues using a structural integration technique inspired by Anatomy Trains. Searching for what really moves us she discovered Slings Myofascial Training to add a new dimension to integrate into all her work to create boundless ease and energy!


Monthly Reset Sessions

Push your Reset Button

Roll and Release
Saturday October 28th @ 11am
Somatic Reset 
Saturday November 4th @ 11am
MoveArt Pilates Studio,
47 Queens Road, Panmure

Are you feeling exhausted, stiff or sore?

Reset and restore with a class focusing on revitalising your tissues. Integrating Pilates, Slings Myofascial Training and Somatic Movement Education on the mat.

When you experience physical trauma, inflammation or stress in your body and mind, your muscles get contracted, your fascia loses its pliability, and your brain becomes foggy & confused. Notice the changes with specific movement sequences that assist in making you feel more nourished, elastic, hydrated and adaptable.

Suitable for all levels, ages and abilities


"The way Liz teaches is amazing. I have never felt so much freedom in my body before. I love the variety of all the different classes and her ques are brilliant!" 

What clients say



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MoveArt Pilates Studio

149 Marua Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland

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