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Group Studio Classes


Join specialised studio style workouts on the mat and pilates apparatus including Reformer, Wunda Chair, Tower and more. Semi-private group (max 4) ensures you get individual hands-on training and professional supervision within each session.


A guided class for all levels to improve your confidence in the way you move with ease, connect with your posture, muscle strength and balance. Learn or practice the essential moves based on Pilates principles integrating Slings Myofascial Training, Somatic Movement Education.

Group class suitable for all ages, abilities and also pre/post natal. 


Created just for you, exercise at your pace with your personalised full body workout. Practice a programme especially for your lifestyle and goals, with a rich blend of exercises optimising movement efficiency and structural balance. Also perfect if you are recovering from an injury have an ongoing pain points that you need some assistance, modifications and guidence.

Group class suitable for all ages, abilities and also pre/post natal. 


A challenging dynamic studio equipment based class led by the instructor. An energising free-flowing full body workout. Elevate your goals as you learn more advanced repertoire and create adaptability, stability, strength, balance and wanting lots more.

Group class suitable for injury-free clients confident with studio style workouts and equipment.


A specialised class with a focus on those that are wanting to stay active in their more senior years. Focus on balance, tone and strength. Build bone density, muscle strength and postural adaptability for your whole body and mind. Age gracefully so you can to do everything you still want to do with the rest of your life - you will be amazed at the results!

Group class suitable for all levels and abilities.

* PRE-REQUISITE FOR ALL STUDIO CLASSES  At least one private training session is required before booking any group studio classes. You will get an individualised assessment, go through the workings of the studio and give you confidence to join in a class.

MoveArt Pilates Studio creates professional, fitness programs designed with you in mind, helping you reach and maintain health and lifestyle goals. 

More than just Pilates

Virtual Studio

Nourish yourself in your own space or out of Auckland and would like to experience MoveArt Pilates class recordings online

Recording of class is available for 30days from date of purchase

Group Studio Classes

Slings & Somatics


Slings Essentials is a holistic way of enhances everyday functionality and vitality as well as somatic resourcefulness that promotes self-healing. Nourish your tissues as you create space, dynamically lengthen, hydrate, strengthen, move in all directions, melt and release any tissues that are stuck and rigid. Notice revolutionary results as you practice different fascial movement qualities within the class. Find new pathways from the inside-out to create the best you as you move with ease whiling still having fun!.
Group class suitable for all levels, ages and abilities (modified to suit).


This group class has been designed with functional movement and glide in mind. Using soft massage balls, foam rollers and more, enjoy the multifaceted ways to move and massage your body. Focusing of different parts of the body as they communicate with other parts, creating space in and around the bones. Improve alignment, create ease of movement and flexibility. Sense how your body moves from the inside out with a whole body release and come away feeling revitalised with lasting effects that are more beneficial than just having a massage.
Group class suitable for all levels, ages and abilities.


Are you feeling exhausted, stiff or sore? Reset and restore with a class focusing on revitalising your tissues. When you experience physical trauma, inflammation or stress in your body and mind, your muscles get contracted, your fascia loses its pliability, and your brain becomes foggy & confused. Notice the changes as you unstick your body, free your mind with specific movement sequences that assist in making you feel more nourished and adaptable.

Group class suitable for all levels, ages and abilities.

Slings Classes
Private Sessions

Created just for you!

Pilates Teaser Tower

Are you feeling stuck in the way you move? Private sessions using hands-on techniques on your soft and connective tissues. With the intention to re-educate the body's structure. Integrating Structural Essentials Anatomy Trains concepts and other bodywork methods to help make connections to link your fascia from one end of your body to the other. Introducing gentle movement practices for you to practice your new pathways. Leading you towards restoring natural balance and fluid movement within your body & mind.


One-on-one 55min training of all studio movement methods - tailored especially for you! Are you starting out, training for sport or a life event, recovering from injury or just needing to have more time with guidance. Can be integrated with Anatomy Trains bodywork to get your stuck tissue moving again. Privates available in the studio space, or in your space or via Zoom.
Note: A private session is a pre-requiste before joining any studio group classes. 


Starter Packs

online workouts
with every
starter pack


Conditions apply: One private session is required prior to joining and studio group class (except Studio Starter classes), every starter pack includes one pair of sticky socks. Valid to use within one month.

Studio Sampler


1 x 60min private +
1 x group class + pair pilates sticky socks

Studio Starter


2 x 60min privates +
2 x group classes + 
pair pilates sticky socks

Studio Starter Privates 

3 x 45min privates +
pair pilates sticky socks


Studio Class Prices

Semi-private classes - maximum 4 people 

2 x Studio Starter Classes


New clients only. Valid 14 days from first booking

Casual Studio Class


Valid 1 month from purchase date

5 x Studio Classes


Valid 3 months from first booking

Packages and prices can be created for your needs and budget
See Starter Packs for ways to start your journey
nourish yourself more & get discounts with a studio membership



Payment can be made before or after a session or class with cash or eftpos only (credit card can be used when purchasing on the Mindbody app but does have 2.75% surcharge). For membership options or online banking details please email


Bookings are essential for all classes and ideally should be booked well in advance to secure your place as numbers are limited (max 4 per studio group). The class will not run if there are no bookings. We prefer classes are booked online via timetable or download the Mindbody App search for 'MoveArt Pilates Studio' click top heart icon to save as a favourite.

For Privates training sessions please book directly with us by email


All classes and private sessions will be charged for if cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled time. MoveArt reserves the right to cancel classes if the studio suddenly is forced to close, has insufficient bookings or if the instructor is unable to teach.


All services can only be purchased as a casual rate or as multi-pass package. There are no extensions of validity, refunds or transfers available. This way you can make the commitment to yourself and keep the future of the studio alive.

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