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We have created a tropical fusion within an individual training environment. MoveArt Pilates Studio is your place to enjoy and allow yourself precious time to workout. Guiding you with our professional, individualised,  hands-on teaching styles that creates the most unique workout experience!

We're here for you!

Liz Brookes Pilates Instructor

Liz Brookes

"MoveArt Pilates Studio has been a lifelong creation of mine.
Being a passionate movement activist I love designing inspiring moves that I can share to enhance your individual goals to nourish your life!"

I have many strings to my bow and movement has been part of my life from an early age. I started my passion as a child with art and dance. I then became curious got hooked on Yoga and travelled to India to study with some of the masters in the 90's. Then the journey begins...


Loving the way the body can think and heal itself, I trained as a Somatic Movement Teacher with East West Somatics. Recently I have trained further in Somatic Movement Education (Thomas Hanna Style), a very gentle way of restoring function to gain full access to your natural strength. I just love learning and have had the privilege of training with many inspiring and experienced teachers in many methods over the years.

I started my Pilates journey as I found relief from suffering with a chronic back injury. I had tried everything, but discovered that there was no quick fix, it was going to be my own ongoing journey to get out of pain and get myself moving again. The results were life changing and this drove my desire to train as an instructor so I could help others find their way too. After certifications with various studios I found my home with the BASI™ Pilates system and became an internationally certified BASI™ Pilates Comprehensive Instructor. BASI™ is a Pilates system anchored in scientific principles while celebrating the art of every movement. I have the empathy to help people who are stuck in a rut with my experience and confidence. I understand your pain and frustration and will create you a safe and rewarding programme to address your individual niggles and pain points. With your commitment and practice you will to be able to find your way towards movement freedom again too.

But there was more to discover and got fascinated in the latest research of the myofascial network of your body-wide web of connective tissues, the way the body connects you from your feet to your head. By finding ease in an area that is stuck you can unwind other parts of your body and mind - that is really cool! One of my most favourite places in the world is the tranquil island of Bali. I was lucky enough to study and train in paradise for a diploma in Slings Myofascial Training® with Art in Motion. This revolutionary movement training concept method that strengthens, mobilises, stabilises, enhances movement efficiency and the structural balance of your body and mind and a whole lot more...

Wanting to be able to offer my clients deeper ways to make changes I then dived deeper and trained as a hands-on Bodyworker with Thomas Myers and other teachers with Anatomy Trains Structural Essentials Bodywork techniques. Offering you more movement freedom, allowing to find more connection with my hands guiding you, especially if your tissues are stuck or not responsive. My forté is integrating all these techniques in my classes and private sessions to give you revolutionary, life-changing results... and have fun too!


Therese James

"I am passionate about the positive and empowering effect Pilates can have on your body."

I love that as an exercise, Pilates is non-discriminatory and holistic. It is suitable for any age, body type and most health issues. For me, the most satisfying part of being an instructor is watching clients hit their goals and improve in their own practice.

I am dedicated to continuing education and training. I love to learn and challenge myself. With knowledge comes power - the power to give more back to my clients. I am particularly interested in teaching Pilates for women's health, pre and post natal, general rehabilitation and Pilates for the ageing population. I am a firm believer in the older you get the more you have to move.

I love Pilates and I am constantly inspired by the results I see in those who practice it. I look forward to sharing my passion with you all in the MoveArt Pilates Studio.

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